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The Dream Chapter: MAGIC Tracklist:


Amazing for a dance cover!


They are amazing!!! Hope they get just as good as BTS!!! Especially Huening Kai is my fave member!


this album was absolutely amazing, i have no idea how people don’t like this. ➕✖️➕ is definitely ROTY.


I really like this album it shows more of their amazing vocals keep doing what your doing TXT cuz you got a new fan😊👍

Tutus info

here’s the thing; TXT is great—but i’m not a fan of them. and i know i probably don’t have a say in this, but i know that even with their hard work, if they didn’t have BIGHIT and BTS, they’d be on the same or LOWER level as ATEEZ is. they only have two comebacks, they only have two albums, yet they’re at such a high level. talk about clout. and most of the fans are ARMY that want to be with them since day 1 because they weren’t there for bts since day 1.


All the songs on this album are BOPS. They truly deserve roty 🤩

Jiminie Got No Jams XD

Run Away was a masterpiece✨




i have more “ult” songs in this album than the first and I love both albums! 🥺🥰


When I’m in a bad mood. I usually listen to their music. It’s so good!




Honestly am surprised I’m the only one who thought this album wasn’t very good their first was amazing but got a lot more bad reviews idk this one just didn’t do it for me but still love them 💕💕 they have potential


TXT is amazing not gonna lie I love them and they are doing an amazing job with their music and they should keep working hard. 💜💙💜💙


Just. Incredible


Runaway is so good! I've been listening to it for two days straight! I think it is a great improvement from their debut song and it's just so catchy. The rest of the album is good; I don't like every song but there seems to be a style for everyone. Excited to see what else they'll release in the future.


undeserving roty... they are only famous because of bts and everyone knows... i think they should call their fans army.

Yeet YE

I love you TXT💛


As a team and artist, Tomorrow x Together is definitely solidifying their sound and signature in the music scene. They do so in such a way that reminds us they are growing as humans and their music reflect their journey going through the world. Their music is truly healing and relatable to their audience. 👏🏽👏🏽🙌🏼🙌🏼


Once again, TxT makes excels at making me speechless. I just have one thing to say, and that is that they are amazing!


I’m absolutely blown away by this album I was not expecting every song to be a BOP 😍 1000/10 recommend!! Especially Popping Star, Can’t We Keep The Monster Alive?, and Magic Island!!! Amazing!!!


There is no skips😤 stan legendary rookies!!!


Run away is the best somg I've ever heard

IpurpleYoU :))

its a great album but i still need to buy it .-.


I have to admit, I purchased their first album The Dream Chapter: Star, bacause I support BigHit and my BTS babies and therefore felt obligated to support the little brothers. The first album had a couple of fun bops with Crown and Our Summer. This new album DELIVERS!!!! Each track screams the quality that BigHit is known for and I can't tell you how many times I've listened to 9 and Three Quarters and Magic Island. Great job!!


I’m sorry, just no.


Album so good


I just love TXT!!!!!! I’ve been here since their debut and I’ve loved every moment! Keep going boys!!!! 파이팅!!!!!!!


I was humming these songs so much in school that my teacher told me to stop LOL so good!!

Girly Otaku

TXT X MOA! They Really outdid themselves with this one!! 💜💜


With albums for me sometimes I end up skipping some songs, because I can’t match those songs to any mood or emotion I’m feeling. But on this album I can honestly say personally these songs are not skips. TXT has NEVER disappointed me, this slaps and they came back great. I love them so much, and am looking forward to their bright future. long story short, STAN TXT. 💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖


Zero skips. The album samples so many different sounds and genres from varying eras without sounding hectic. There are many interesting sounds and the production allows for the songs to flow easily and comfortably!


This album is great as a whole, I listened through the whole thing and felt really great, like I was rejuvenated and energized and had a good state of mind. My favorite tracks are: 9 and 3 Quarters (Run Away), Magic Island, New Rules, and 20 cm.

Shinies n' Jazz

what can I say- these boys popped off

ya girl-

lowkey no skippitys the b-sides and title are legendaryyyy


This album has a LOT of work in it, each song sounds unique, and yet it fits within the album, there is no useless filler, and all around is a nice work, you can see in all the hard work that was put into this.


These album is great! It shows how much they matured and the vocals are so good. They put in a lot of hard work with the music and dance. It’s a different style and story to it. Listen to it and I promise you wouldn’t regret it !


Txt did such a great job every song is a bop and a vibe 🤗♥️


Luv it


I don’t really like K-pop, but this is such a good album. The vocals in 20cm is so amazing.


It’s so good, I’ve been waiting for their comeback and can say they did not disappoint, definitely one of the best albums out this year 💜


Shooketh 😆🎉💯


I will not be an expert music critic here but all I will say is that not a single song is ever skipped every time I play the album. Some of them I just can’t help but repeat, but each one has its own charms, different from the rest. It’s why I find it intriguing. I’m always pleasantly finding the songs stuck in my head. 😻


very nice album. txt as very refreshing & bring so much to the table in the industry where it’s imparitive to stand out. rock, rnb, pop 🥰 also love that kai got to work on rollercoaster! fav tracks are 20cm, angel or devil, run away, & new rules! excited to see their live stages 💕


A breath of fresh air!!!!!!


Tomorrow by Together did not disappoint with this album. Each song has a unique sound and catches your attention. Plus, the lyrics are beautiful like they are singing for your soul. It’s healing music.


Seriously, I can’t pick a favorite song cause all of them are boos and on repeat


Well Done. I am highly impressed with TXT’s comeback album and there is no denying that it was well worth the wait. I literally can’t find a fault in it. The album has a very nice flow and balance, BigHit again confirms that genre boxes are non-existent when it comes to their artists, and their vocals continue to mature beautifully. TXT showcases musical talent beyond their years and I am here enjoying the ride. Again I say, well done.

food is mama

10/10 stars


Wow.... just wow


Love this album, congrats to TXT on their first comeback!