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What a bunch of dumb responses! Probably the Trump cult! Notice how they love to drop their hate everywhere? Taylor outdid herself again and she did it perfectly! No one can touch this woman!


Favorite artist. Worst album of hers. Still better than most music being released recently. All slow songs. I like when their is a variety. I need some pump up songs mixed in there


I’ve been a fan since the beginning when I first heard Teardrops On My Guitar. Her 4th album, Red, was my favorite for so long. The lyrics hit me so personally that I didn’t ever think the album could be topped. Then Folklore came and I haven’t stopped listening. I’ve grown up with Taylor through her music. She never disappoints with her storytelling and her ability to make you feel things. Truly her best work yet.

SpelmanGirl 87

Folklore is something special and different from Tay-Tay........And I love it.......Can't wait for the re-release of the earlier albums........ because if you write it, sing it, and arrange it, you have every right to own it!!!!!!

music guy 81

I have listened to the whole album. I think it’s got a unique sound that I like. I’ll be getting this album for sure when it comes out.

Zana Ozel

I haven’t heard such a beautiful & meaningful album like this before there is definitely no skip track on this album i love every single one of them, I am giving this album 5/5 stars ❤️ because it deserves more than that. Thank you Taylor Swift for blessing our souls with you music again! 😘

Vista Blista

And I’m here for it :)


Everything song sounds the same😟




Taylor is a real queen! Her music is better than anything plastic beyonce ever put out. Taylor writes her music unlike strong neck bey.


Taylor Swift has done it again!!! Such beautiful, descriptive, and magical lyrics in each song. I can hear the emotion in each song. I can’t wait to see what’s next on Taylor’s journey.


Taylor - music legend.

A Really Shocked Fan

Taylor has shown a lot of improvement in her songwriting skills and this is the album that shows how mature she has become, she is in fact THE MUSIC INDUSTRY 🤩🤩


The only song worth listening to is the lead single cardigan. The rest ranges from so so to forgettable. Where’s the old Taylor Swift?

Thank you Miss GAGA

What a boring music. Her music is lame. She is not popular in Europe.

bneen mh

She always makin album so perfect You are queen 👸🏻💕💙💛


Love the many stories this album expresses! It’s beautiful.


I think she’s trying to copy the momentum of Billie Eilish...... To win 5 Grammys or more lol


I love this album, anyone saying it’s not good just has bad taste in music. She can do any genre and sound amazing. I love every song 😍 August is my favorite!


You never go full Miley Cyrus.


One of her best albums for sure she’s so talented


This album is a beautiful work of art. Every song is gorgeous and so interesting to listen to on its own, but the fact that most of the songs on this album can each be related to each other makes listening to the whole album like listening to a bedtime story but a million times better. I love Taylor and her songs!!!!! This album is absolutely amazing.


Favorite album by far


One of my favorite albums by her!!! Well done!!!

cat 1473863828373828

All taylor swift songs are awesome! I am so happy for this new album. I dont understand why people dont like this. Haters gonna hate i guess.

Bethany Pendleton

Taylor NEVER disappoints. This album is flawless, and arguably her best yet. ♥️

Lukas 😁

It took a couple listens for me to get into it. Then it hit me like a ton of bricks. Thank you, TS!


As a future nurse I can relate to epiphany so much. Amazing lyrics, amazing song, amazing voice. Taylor really outdid herself on this song.


I feel bad for Taylor. This album sounds like Dessener’s left overs from The National. He could have done a better job, clearly Taylor was up for it.


A magnificent and cohesive album that shows once again how truly talented Taylor Swift is. No skips on this one!!


Definitely worth it. Old Taylor vibes w New Taylor knowledge = masterpiece. Aaron Dessner and Jack Antonoff did amazing producing these songs. Exile is beautiful. Debuted at #1 for a reason, y’all. For being a quarantine album, this is awesome. Go Taylor! Love you sis.


I have no idea why people say the songs sound the same. They are all beautiful and unique, the stories she tells with her songs are breathtaking. As a rep fan I approve 🤍🖤🤍🖤🤍





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Thank you, T!!!!!!! 💖💖💖💖

Juice sparkle

Amazing as always taylor


This is a definitive step forward into a more mature artist space. Instead of relying on heavily produced songs with hooks, we have a deeper, more honest connection with the artist.


Taylor Swift is been my favorite artist since forever and I love all of her albums! I love how she’s showing herself in a new, fresh way in this album. Love you Taylor! 😊❤️👍

Aye Itz Camo

Feels like every song is the same and none are good...


It’s pretty good butt Dolly Parton and Tina Turner have better bangers.

Sopheak Nath

Love it


she is a genius




🤮🤮🤮🤮that’s all I have to say could of been better


Just perfect


I didn’t expect another Taylor album for a few more years. There’s been tragic loss for many of us this year. Somehow, Taylor A. Swift, found a sparkle of joy and captured the embers of our soul before the wind spread them away. I’m breathless.

Haille boxing

a no-skip album for me. i’ve always been a taylor swift fan and this might be my favorite album of hers


Yessss girl!


A lyrical masterpiece.


What a range. This girl has dominated country, pop, and now indie/alt too. I love love love the interconnectedness of the album. You’re a lyrical genius and each song is so good in it’s own way while they all also compliment each other

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