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Her best album yet imo & much needed during these difficult times. Exile is a masterpiece, along with so many others. Not a single weak song. Taylor... thank you! <3


Her best album in a while! Loving how she is exploring the indie genre. Beautiful, timeless, nostalgic, I absolutely love it!!

Loll alp

All the songs sound the same . Don’t waste your money buying this trash album.


Snooze fest!


i love taylor and this album so so so much

Chillin Boy..

She just never disappoints. So even when she's off, she's still ON. 🔥🔥💯💋✅✅



Hershey Kind the fifth

I love the New Taylor


lets be honest

Sterling bacon

This is one of Taylor’s best albums! The lyrics are absolutely wonderful and very well written. Her voice is very soothing in this album as well. I liked how all the songs have different meanings and it’s definitely new since we are all so used to her pop songs so this was a change; but a good one. 5/5!


This is Taylor’s best album. It’s a wonderful storybook about moments. I enjoyed every second of it.


I’m in LOVE! So proud of you Taylor!!❤️


Great album! Taylor is so very talented.


She makes the best music, gets better very single time


This is Taylor Swifts best album to date.


i find this album in my every mood.one of the best.🌹♥️♥️♥️


I’ve waited for something like this for so long!


Your last album helped during a hard time when my mom died. I ran to your music everyday. This album is amazing. During a time being home (I have 3 little boys) I find I put you on and just run. You are so talented and so amazing. I’m 37 and love your music, you really help me during hard times, thankyou!


10/10 would recommend to my alternative genre loving friends


Swift has lyrically proven herself (again) as a true artist. Folklore is a must listen and all around timeless masterpiece.


Pain is real no matter the 1! 🔥🙀


Many people keep saying that every song on this album sounds the same. It absolutely does not! Keep listening to it and you’ll understand that it’s exactly the tone that’s needed right now. I have played this album a thousand times and it never gets old. Much like 1989, this will always be a timeless album to play for years to come. I love every album she’s ever created but the way 2020 has been, this is such a calming escape from reality and I love every bit of it! ❤️

a person 🤓

The whole album sounds the same to me. I use to be a huge fan of Taylor before, but after Reputation, everything sounds the same to me. Idk, just my opinion.


A great album reflective of our current, tumultuous time. I really like that nature is a major theme. The work she has created during isolation has inspired me to be more creative--to use this long pause to make something worthwhile.


Taylor Swift is lyrical genius. She has such a gift. Can’t stop listing to this album


I’m not much of a Taylor Swift fan, but this album brought back memories I didn’t think I had. 10/10 would recommend this album.


Take this album for what it is: Taylor was stuck in quarantine during this pandemic and decided to write an album. This album is entirely hers. It was made without a label, produced my just her and few of her friends, released out of nowhere without any kind of promotion, marketing, or single. Hell, the album cover just looks like a picture she took of herself in her backyard. This seems to be the first Taylor Swift album that allowed Swift to be herself, in that it doesn’t seem like an act. She’s not trying to spread or create drama or try to be some Queen of Pop. I’ll admit: It’s kinda boring and slow-ish at times; I feel older fans of hers might be disappointed. But it’s most timeless Taylor, and it’s the realest Taylor.


I really like this album. It’s not at all a manufactured sounding pop album. Amazing job

Traveling Kilbury

I wish Taylor Swift can go back to Country Music again. I hope Taylor Swift sees my review.


Taylor can apparently nail every genre she tries. Nicely-written, intricate collection of songs that reach back to her country roots, but add a nice, fresh folk sound; however, still staying true to the narratively-focused songwriting that makes us all love Taylor. Well done, Tay! Thank you for another masterpiece. 🙏🏼🤗🤩


This is easily her best album to date. You can tell she put her whole heart and soul into it and that sense of emotion really comes through in every one of the songs. The mellowness makes it so relaxing but also SOOO raw and you can feel the pain and soul of Taylor and the other characters she has written from the perspective of. The hidden love triangle of cardigan, august, and betty: genius. I love everything about this album and CANNOT stop listening to it!!!! 11/10


It would have gotten a 5 star rating if Bon Iver wasn’t featured in one of the songs.

Kimitri C.

she’s constantly an inspiration and this album alone continues to prove how skillful she is. to excel and dive deep into something as complex and intricate as emotions, she truly captivated her empathy and storytelling capabilities through this folklore of an album😍 I mean it when I say it, folklore is Taylor Swift, it’s her and it’s all owned by her.


The best she has done since Red.


Every single album since 1989 has been a major let down. I miss her old stuff. I liked her upbeat danceable songs, not these slow songs that put me to bed crap.


Masterful song writing. Great sound switch. Timeless. Thanks, Taylor!


Switching to the alt genre and focusing on her lyrics vs pop hits has done her well. This is her most adult work to date and definitely my favorite album. It shows she is growing with her fans who have been listening to her music for nearly 15 years. Anyone complaining about the cuss words needs to get over it and just buy the clean version or nothing at all. No need to give a bad review because you’re offended. News flash, a lot of adults swear and Taylor is an adult.


This album is very different yet still Taylor. I love how she keeps changing her music and it’s still SOOO BEAUTIFUL AND AMAZING. I can’t express how love I have for Taylor😭💜😭💜


Not my favorite but i kinda like it


Don’t listen. Stay away

Greatttttt appppppp

This is the best Taylor Swift album ever. I love it😇


Way better then her last 2 albums. Songs are slow but each has its own tune. Sooo good!! I’ve been waiting for this for years! Ray tats back!


Such a gift during these difficult times. Have been listening on repeat!


Love it😍 but most songs 🎶 are slow 🐢. But great!


I love this album! It beautiful both lyrically and sound wise. This entire album gives a nostalgic feel. I’m obsessed! My favorites are seven, exile, cardigan, and peace.


Although I love her pop/angry get even music this is a slower more singer songwriter vibe and I’m loving it. The lyrics are beautiful written. Another hit for Miss Swift!!

iz mahoubi

amazing, period.

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