Skrillex - Bangarang

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Bangarang Tracklist:


He’s an ok artist he’s not bad at all. But there’s way better dubstep out there, like Datsik,zomboy, borgore, knife party, eptic.


Really good album bc you its more than 1 good song




kyoto and bangarang are awesome so 😎luv it


She says it's annoying


Best episode EVER!!!

Thug life 2020

Ok I this song is good but if you don't mind making it 99 cents pls

My nuts r yaa

Feew I touched my nuts i oplret 🖕🖕🖕🖕💍

Tristan Huber of Jack Ü


Savage dubstep

Savage dubstep




This is when skrillex was GOD.. Every single song on this album is enjoyable and i remember when it released it was crazy.. all he makes now is weird trap music..


The best dubstep

Kenna from Michigan

Their music is so awesome and great, it's all I want to listen too!


Skrillex is shaping EDM as the music of the decade. The best comittment to that is the "Bangarang"EP. "Right In" is the first song in the EP. It stopped ant nothing to the bass drop. "Bangarang" is Truely one of the best of Skrillex. "Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites" Is also a high favorite. The other songs are good but "Kyoto" is where it gets really good! Also "Summit" is so underrated! It is basically a song of the Dubstep sub-genre "Chillstep" Also vocals from Skrillex himself and ex girlfriend Ellie Goulding. If I had to decide what is my favorite I would say "All of them" "Bangarang" is a true masterpiece and is shaping music in this decade. I praise Skrillex for using some chill songs like "Summit" and some insanity like "Kyoto" and "Bangarang"



⚔$erpent's gold⚔

5 stars!! I got no words. ;) 💀👾⚔




Kyoto was amazing and so was Bangarang. Skrillex's older songs are way better.


This album is meh lieeef

J. Moses Boone

If Bangarang wasn't explicit, I'd have it by now. Still worth 5 stars, though!

Lunar Flare

Its OK, but I think Knife Party and Monstercat are way better. Maybe try less little girls screaming "call 911 now"? :D Skrillex is still rly good.

Tonio Sheepe

Skrillex is a genius and he proves it in this EP. It has great moments like hit-single « Bangarang » and « Breakn’ a Sweat » (with the Doors). This is one of Skrillex’s greatest works and it still deserves to be listened today.


Skrill is the best music of its genre! I some people just think that it is robot music, or to futuristic. But it is not. Also, this is Skrill, not glitchy rap

Boon bumpas

Ever since my hearing was damaged in the Anglo-Mungari conflict in 1995, listening to even the softest busic was a painful experience. A Vivaldi flute concerto sounded like a mechanical octopus being dragged out of a junkyard by a rusty mechagodzilla. But alas, I discovered the busic of Sir Scrillex of Essex! My darling Winifred declares that it sounds like Gravedigger aborting an armada of rusty go-carts, but Lo, is that the trumpet of St. Michael the archangel? Nay mine ears, nay. Tis Scrillex......


I like this EP a lot it's amazing.

Bf4 king

Bangarang is da best


My favorites on this EP are "Right In", "The Devil's Den" and "Right on Time". "Bangarang" and "Kyoto are good too, but only when clean.


this is by far one of my favorite songs!!! i love the pitched up drop


This is still by far my favorite album by the champion of dubstep!


No Comment.

Mae/Marley Momma

Favorite album, skrillex knows what he is doing


Skrilly goes back to his electro house roots as well as trying something new. "Right In" is a reference to Brostep, which in my opinion is really cool, the lead track "Bangarang" references Dillon Francis 'moombahton' but still keeping the Skrillex wobble that fans will enjoy. "Kyoto" is arguably the best track on the EP, a nice drumstep tune. To end it all off, "Summit (feat. Ellie Goulding)" was a nice chill electro song with cool slice vocals. To sum it up, Skrillex is a jack and master of all trades. In this case, all types of EDM.


One question: WHY ON EARTH DO PEOPLE CALL THIS MUSIC??? It's just annoying computer sounds combined to sound like a monster screaming with auto-tune, honestly. But I admit "Summit" isn't bad but ONLY because Ellie Goulding has a REAL voice. Ah yes, finally something real! Except it's still filled with electronic beats.


It has all of Skrillex's best songs, and personaly, I think 'Breakin a Sweat' is the geatest PowerSong ever made!!

Will Hall56

This album is amazing. Probably my fav skrillex EP.


I am personally a trumpet player and that is impressive.


I saw the music video for Bangarang and loved it but my dad will not let me get the song because of 1 bad word please do one without the F-bomb please


I really want this song Kyoto, but, it's blocked from my IPad, can only get clean music, so please, clean version, KEEP GOING SKRILLEX, YOU ROCK

Really EA...

Roses are red Violets are blue The last time something dropped this hard... It ended WW2

Super smiley guy😄

In bangerang and Kyoto they have awesome drops but have bad words. There should be clean versions so kids can rock out and not hear bad language


I love Dubstep and I think this is the best Dubstep ever made enough said💚💚💚


Feel the...BANG!!!


Hi everybody it's been a while since I listened to all of these sweet wubs and just wanted to point out that SUMMIT WAS AMAZING!

Short-E Amy

Summit is beautiful <3

Ca$h Money H0ez

Classic. Needs more songs with Sirah


Skrillex can always find a way to pick up the beat for everyone to like his musics and I think he picked the right beat



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