Aesop Rock - None Shall Pass

℗ 2007 Block Block Chop

None Shall Pass - Single Tracklist:


Aesop Rock is by far the most prolific and literate MC in hip-hop right now. This song is just one more testament to his unbelievably vast and varied oeuvre. He has the best possible combination of production, lyrics, and delivery to create an overall aesthetic that no one else is even touching right now. Amazing.


Straight Fire Since "Labor Days", you Cant Beat Aesop Rock


one of the best


This albums just adds to the collection of dope aesop albums put out before. Highlly recommended

Far Beyond's music

One of the most intelligent hip hop songs.I will start singing this song at the most random times.The beat is amazing. Im a big Aesop Rock fan and this is his best song. "I Came to the sky like None Shall Pass"


If there was a poet for rap...Aesop Rock has taken the crown.


This song could revolutionize slam poetry with its dank beat and always super creative rhymes. aesop kills it. must have.


This is the song that opened me up to Aseop's world. Totally dig the beats and the rhyme flow. Looking forward to the ENTIRE album! Definitive Swim (aka Adult Swim) put this song out with a couple of other great artist. Check it out on their website (its FREE!!)

his name is Robert Paulson

the guy is an idiot savant ...


This is probably one of the best aesop rock songs i've ever heard.... i already got the album pre-ordered.... hes got a clip of Bring Back Pluto, (a song on the album) on his myspace. This song is easily worth a dollar... get it. Aesop always kills it.

Sherpa Rob

With that said, I am looking forward to the next album when it hits. I already have it preordered!!!!


You can get this for free on the Definitive Swim sampler online. Can't wait for the full album though, Aesop kills.

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