Megadeth - Risk (Remastered)

℗ 2004 Capitol Records, LLC

Risk (Remastered) Tracklist:

Tio Neto

I love most of Megadeth work, on my opinion Risk is one of the best albums seen as alternate rock 5 stars for this underrighter gem Hail to the thrash metal god Mustaine

Meamye Celphandigh

Yeah this album could’ve put this band’s career at risk all right so I’m glad they decided to name this album risk so that way you’d know that you’re at risk of wasting your money on this album in other words DO NOT EVER BUY THIS NO GOOD WORTHLESS EXCUSE FOR A MEGADETH ALBUM


As a lifelong Megadeth fan, this is the worst record they have done to date...with Super Collider following. Just awful. The album was named "Risk" for a reason. It was definitely a RISK! This is a far cry from what many were accustomed to from them previously. If you're looking for the thrashiness of their first few records, you will be disappointed.


I don't know why people don't like this. You knew what you got its in the title "Risk" Besides this was a simple progression from Cryptic Writings


Being a big Megadeth fan and a even bigger Metallica fan I was expecting Megadeth to bring the noise when this album released back in 1999. I was very shocked when it was different. If you are a metal fan only then maybe this isnt for you. But Megadeth here in my mind took a risk on this album and struck gold for me. Its different yes but sometimes you need to change to grow. I credit this album for swaying my preferance toward Megadeth over Metallica. I highly recomend listening for yourself and giving it a chance.


First and foremost; Megadeth is my absolute favorite band. Now, having said that, this is one of the most disgraceful albums to have ever hit earth. Do NOT Get it. Treat yourself with some magic like Countdown to Extinction or Rust in Peace or Peace Sells... But Who's Buying


takes higher than average iq to be appreciated


If you like spoken word nonsense, and bland, lifeless elevator metal, I have good news; this album is for you. If you like Megadeth, I have bad news; this album is not for you. Risk will make you stick sharp objects into your eardrums to render them useless. This is one of the best metal bands on earth, and I love everything they have done. Except Risk and Supercollider. The good news for me is that I could not hear Supercollider because of the sharp objects that destroyed my eardrums back when Risk was released in 1999. Thank God for small favors and long, sharp pencils!

James Howsmon

I recommend staying away from the remastered version. Great album, underrated. Insomnia, prince of darkness, crush em, breadline, I'll be there and seven are the ones I really like


Honestly, this is one of my favorite Megadeth albums. Just because it's not fast and heavy doesn't mean it's not good. There's several great songs on here. The Doctor Is Calling is not one of them though. That's probably the only ok song on here. Everything else is great.


The only songs that stand out are "Prince of Darkness", "Breadline", "Wanderlust", and "Time: The Beginning", and "I'll Be There".


Crush em was the only good song on this album the other song were awful worst megadeth album ever still love megadeth though recomend rust in piece or Metallica


Prince of Darkness and Crush 'Em are decent, but that's about it...


It's not that good, but come on, experimentation man!


This is without a doubt the finest Megadeth album to date. Top to bottom is just breath taking. I got a tingle up my leg from this album.