Lady Gaga - Chromatica

℗ 2020 Interscope Records

Chromatica Tracklist:



Love all the songs on this album. They make me so happy!!!!


I love this album.


What is this a circus 🎪 And Gaga go back to 2010 🤡


Album is trash. Thank you Ariana for giving this old hag a career.

slow pig

Literally I think that this is her best song yet. -2020


I mean have you heard this song HIGH? Maaaaaaaam when I say you can feel all the vibes. Gaga I LOVE your style and applaud your talent. I’ve never been this obsessed over an album, ever. But this took me back to 80, 90, Bop with techno I can’t. Thank you for reminding us that true talent is still out there.


Nice alb7m!


Just stop making music, trash

Charles Gerasimek

Gaga’s at her best. This album is off the charts. You have to listen to the entire album in order, it is like none other. I love love every song. Don’t be stupid love download this Gem NOW.


I don’t know about you, but this album is beyond fabulous!!! Her dance songs are phenomenal! Lady Gaga: this is amazing!!!


I’m pretty surprised how good Ariana and lady Gaga did on their song 😁


As much as I like her exploring different styles, it was great to hear her reclaim this kind of music. My whole family loves blasting this album.


absolute queen and angell! love u! buy chromatica now!🖤 rain on me ☔️😉❤️


Chromatica is excellent! The production is well done, the vocals are perfect, and Gaga proves again she is a lyrical genius.

is boskaa




Every Rose has a thorn



Love how there are 3 different “acts” and how each one has a different tone/vibe. The 3 instrumental tracks that transition into the song after are so breathtaking. Songs are 2-3 min each which makes for the perfect length to listen to the album in full. Love the album visuals and how the order of the track list is so well thought out. Really immerses you in the world of Chromatica. Love every track but my favorites have got to be 911, Replay, Babylon ⚔️


Amazing amazing amazing album !


I enjoyed every single song! No songs were skipped. Her most cohesive album.


love it


Thank you for the great dance music 🎶♥️

Dude. no

She’s real?? Last I checked she was the monster parents tell their children about at night, and I ain’t talking about Loki.


This album is everything. Gaga has reached a new level of greatness. I’m so in love with all of these songs. I would have to say Alice, Sine From Above, and 1000 Doves are a few of my particular favorites though.


Her past music was better


A mix of The Fame and a new Gaga. Her sound on this album is soo different from her last 5 albums. THIS ALBUM !!


I can only listen to this song once. She’s not making songs like how she used to anymore. Maybe the next will be better.


Go clean out your ears if you don’t like it because she’s back and better than ever :)


you eat humans bye


more than a month later and this album has not aged at all.


I’ve always have been a fan of lady Gaga but this album makes me say it even louder and even prouder! It has a blend of her older songs like paparazzi and Bad romance but also a vibe from her newer songs like a million reasons and others from her Joanne album. This is honestly a must have and I recommend that everyone gets this album. The worlds thanks Lady Gaga for this savior of an Album!!! 🙏🏻🙏🏻☺️

k hits

New album not here best work she could have done batter. I hate with a passion is rain on me. Most of the song are bad, but I do like Alice, Stupid Love, Replay, Sine From Above, and Babylon. Get wait for more. Worst album yet.


She is my favorite singer!!!!!!!😍


Love this album, lots of great dance songs!


She knows how to architect from start to finish and take you to another world. Chromatica! If Born This Way and ARTPOP had a baby, it would be Chromatica. This album makes you want to dance and think about inner demons that haunt you while also celebrating life. Gaga has done it again with this album and I am so proud of her. Welcome to Chromatica!


harder than the titanic 💋💅.

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This album is long which isn’t bad just not always good. The first half of songs before Enigma were great! Especially 911, Stupid Love, Free Woman...But the second half was frankly repetitive and I had already heard the songs in a way before. Still a good album though.


I love Lady Gaga and her voice, and I love mostly all her albums except ARTPOP, which for me was disappointing, so I was assuming it would be the same but it wasn’f it. LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT


This album is just meh, it has a few bops like sour candy, but everything else is forgettable.


All of these songs are BOPS and I would 10/10 recommend!


The NEW queen of pop! This entire album is amazing! Lady Gaga has once again proven to be one of the most talented musicians out there! Lady Gaga does not realize the amazing affect she has on people! Live Gaga!


911 is the best song ever created

Shawn LT

Gaga has once again created perfection and blessed the world with it. Forever an icon. I love you Mother Monster ❤️💕

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Fantastic album Gaga


Slay Mother Monster! Love this Album! Can’t wait for the Chromatica Ball next Summer! My favs are: Stupid Love, Alice, Rain on Me, Babylon, Sine From Above, Plastic Doll, and Chromatica ll and 911 transition!


I liked Babylon, 1000doves, Alice, free women, and all the album😍😍

The rawr monster

It’s hard to find an album that you can listen to from beginning to end without any interruption. Thank you Gaga for this album <3



LE ROi🇲🇱

Fadga is over, Ariana carried this era with ROM. That’s all, but After Hours by The Weeknd instead


this album is too hyped up, rain on me isn’t even good

Music Album of Lady Gaga:

Poker Face / Speechless / Your Song (feat. Elton John) [Live from the 52nd Annual Grammy Awards] - Single
Poker Face / Speechless / Your Song feat. Elton John [Live from the 52nd Annual Grammy Awards] - Single (2010)