Katatonia - City Burials

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City Burials Tracklist:

Boy Cott

I was wondering if Katatonia was going to disappear given all the changes and output but they are definately back and from the little bit I'm hearing, they continue to move forward with their sound (it's called "Progressing). I like the new edge and the more tuneful side as well. I don't know if people give enough credit for their sound to their vocalist...but they should.

Monster bulldog

Lacquer is fantastic, can’t wait to hear the rest of the album, Trivium and Katatonia both new releases on the 24th 🤘🏻


Looking forward to City Burials... Katatonia’s professional resilience and individual capacity to thrive in situations of high demand. The pressure of making significant changes to their music and from that challenges, difficulty and setbacks that becomes a learning experience and a personal growth commitment to create great music. I hope Katatonia will continue to make music for many more years


Surprised to see a new album from katatonia! Interesting minimalistic but confident sound. This band never disappoints


I don’t even need to hear anything.. new Katatonia means automatic pre-order. Can’t wait!!!