Hum - Inlet

℗ 2020 Earth Analog Records

Inlet Tracklist:


A must have for anyone’s collection. Not a sequel to their other albums, it is it’s own thing. Kind of has a 2020 mood to it, very sad but cosmically gorgeous. Good album to listen to at night like other hum albums. THR BOIS ARE BACK AT IT AGAIN!!!!!!! :)

The Blackheart

Best album of 2020. Hum has returned and provided the mood and feeling of this year and the events that have transpired.

All about the 90s

I’ve been waiting for years for this album!!! Thank you gents for sticking with the true sound!! Buy the album! Support awesome music!!


Can’t stop listening to this album. Way more than just a long overdue follow up to Downward is Heavenward This is a masterpiece of atmospheric heavy music.


the reason they have been my favorite band since the early 90s. every thing these legends make is exactly what i want to put in my ears!!


Love this return from this incredible band! Delivers the classic Hum flavor with new exciting strains.🤓🤘🏻

Mateo Pantalones

I was surprised, and excited, my buddy called me in the middle of the night to let me know as soon as he found out. I was a little worried but oh my’s good


I can’t believe how well these guys have done with an album later in their career that fits! Mature, melodic and powerful. It sounds like Hum, but nothing rehashed. Fans of the Pumpkins, Failure, Slint, even the Deftones should check out the heavy grooves and atmosphere they create. It’s ashamed they aren’t more popular, but fun to be in on a well kept secret.


This album is a Masterpiece!


I think Inlet is a perfect fit in Hum’s catalog. It sounds like them with repeating their previous albums. It’s got the heavy riff’s and the shoe gazer metal hybrid that they do best. But I must say that I hear influences of my favorite band, Type O Negative. I hear some very similar sounds that I would hear on a Type O Negative album. I love that because very few bands can get away with being influenced by Type O Negative and not sounding like a blatant rip off. I love the song “Shapeshifter” it has an epic first riff and it takes you on a journey. It’s great to see Hum come back with a great album. It also show that great records come with time. These guys proved that point on Inlet.


Out of the blue, 22 years later? What a masterpiece! Still had Hum’s unmistakable sound. May be their best album ever? I don’t know yet. I’m still on a high just hearing this.


After many years of patiently waiting, my favorite band of all time returns! Great music that doesn’t disappoint.

A Winter Solstice

22 years later and this band just shows up and releases what could very well be their best record yet in my opinion. Production is incredible, and everything is just so full sounding. Way to redeem 2020 guys! Thank you for this amazing rocket ship ride! 🌎🚀💫☄️🪐

Lost Cosmonaut

So deliciously different and yet comfortingly familiar all at the same time. It’s not DiH 2.0, it’s not even YPAA 2.0. It’s something different, and better. You can hear how the guys have matured, and maybe even grown in influences and technique. While I adore every HUM album, this one is a whole different level. Best new release in ages, and fulfillment of a 22 year wait for me. At least they didn’t disappoint unlike some other bands with long wait to new releases that shall not be named here.


Buy it.


Everything you expect. Inscrutable lyrics. Huge riffs. Soaring leads. Spine tingling changes. Rock solid drumming. Killer guitar tone. Get it now.


Best work yet


It’s undoubtedly Hum, they’re back and they sound fantastic. This absolutely lives up to their past work, might even surpass it, too early to tell, but it’s great to have them back.

Mark Barnett

The only good thing about 2020 is the release of this album. HUM has compiled 8 songs that pick up right where they left off 20+ years ago. It’s pure butter for the ears.


I knew they were recording a record and I heard they were having issues and it was taking forever. My expectations were low. Not many bands can take such a long time off and retain their identity while also moving forward with meaningful material. Hum has done the unlikely and released the best record of their career together. Which is really saying something as You’d Prefer An Astronaut and Downward Is Heavenward are masterpieces in their own respective rights. Just a monster of a record. Congrats Hum. Hope you can get these songs on the road soon.


This album is fantastic! I'm blown away by just how good it is. If you're a Hum fan, don't hesitate to buy this, you won't be dissapointed. If you're not a Hum fan, buy it anyway, this album shreds!


This is the best album I’ve ever heard