Chronixx - Chronology

℗ 2017 Soul Circle Music

Chronology Tracklist:


Living Maui Irie


I purchased this album when it came out and I really loved it. but now I only have 3 songs because you removed the album 🤬 so you mean to tell me if I wanted to I would have to repurchase the remaining songs. It’s a dub for that. I don’t even want to give you a star but I won’t be able to post the review without it 🙄 somebody owe me some bread.

joshua teshome

Never give up your music!!!! You’re extraordinary!👍🏼🇯🇲💕


Unreal talent out of Spanish Town, Jamaica. Lots of versatility on this album. Has something for every music fan. If you dig Protoje and Kabaka Pyramid you will love this album.

Franklin T.R.G.

One of the best albums out there !!!🙌


I purchased the album the day it dropped. Brought a new IPhone and now I only have access to 3 songs. Help! @applemusic @chronixx


I purchased this album in July 2017. Apparently the record lable can modify the album anytime, so I lost all my songs except for three. If I want the rest of my album back I have to repurchase the songs. Shaddy business model. BEWARE!!!!!!!! Itunes will not issue a refund. DO NOT PURCHASE.


Like many others I am experiencing the same issues. I purchased about (4) songs from this album only to have to repurchase them again because the artist has removed album. Does not seem reasonable.

Alex alal

A timeless record!

Bongo deosha

What the blood cloth happen here. Bought the album and now all I man is getting is two selections


What can I say... ✨🎶Chronixx is a blessing🎶✨

lizzie beats

If you love reggae this album is a must

ras jorgy

I purchase this album when it release. Now there are only two song available now ! What happened to my album?!


Chronixx poured his soul into and displayed his versatility on this album. There is something for everyone on this album and all of the songs are very well produced. Chronixx is the modern day reggae ambassador that will keep putting good music. Keep rising Chronixx!!!


Why would I pay for an album the day it was released only to have to buy it again a month later?! This is shady business & I demand a refund, or a restoration of my purchase!


Amazing album. However, i would love to know why it was removed from my account after I purchased it. Wah kinda disrespect that?


Every song is a blessing 🙏🏾🙏🏾

Abi life

This is terrible. Just listening to the songs makes my head hurt. This deserves more than 5 poops. Chornixx really needs to stop. I wish that u could give 0 stars because this is just what this album deserve.The only time I would listen to this song is if I wanted to commit suicide.(it would speed up the process)

Micah shemaiah

I purchased this album on the very day it was was released, now I look in my music library and it’s not there, now seems I have to buy it again. What the Raaaaaaas is this.


I purchased Skankin' Sweet. I can't download it again because according to Apple, the 'artist' removed it and uploaded a different version. Therefore, my purchase is no longer valid. WHAT A SCAM ARTIST. YOU AND YOUR LABEL stealing customer's, what few you have for modern Reggae, money. No more ever from me!


Wonderful reggae Album. All songs are well written, easy to listen to, meaningful and worth every minute of your time. When you listen, and never skip a song and wake up each morning singing the lines you know you got yourself a great album and experience.


Chronixx is a Trailblazer and Legend. His style and lyrics are hands down the best since Bob.


This album is so good! It's been on repeat for awhile now. Can't wait for more Chornixx releases!


This album is a total rip off after purchasing this album with my money thinking I’m supporting a fellow Jamaican as they all cry that we don’t support each other. Now the album is no longer available wow made more sense that downloaded it illegal.

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