Brad Paisley - No I in Beer

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No I in Beer - Single Tracklist:


Could have better lyrics, but is this the kind of song you sit and really pay attention to the lyrics anyways? Brad has a super recognizable sound that still is heard here with that lead guitar of his. 🤙


This song just makes me smile!!


How many more cutesy sayings of “I like to drink beer with my friends” will country stars turn out until there are none left? There’s more to write about and still make it a fun country song.


Sounds more like a track from Mud on the Tires. Great song! You know you’re officially a music legend when you can make references to your old songs like he does at the end with Alcohol




Awesome song!!!


Timely and perfect Brad.


Love this! Brad Paisley never disappoints! Great, fun lyrics and of course his amazing guitar skills. Now let’s have a beer!


This is the best song ever!



littke Debbie

Awesome song long over due!


I have been a big fan of Brad Paisley all my life. And his music never disappoints. He sure knows how to write a hit. Him and his team are all amazing. God bless every single one of them that works with Brad. Thank you Brad Paisley and his team for giving us all such incredible music to listen to. Rather what mood were in. To me there is no one out there in the whole world, like Brad. He’s a very special guy. God Bless Everyone. It’s true what No I in Beer says. We truly are all in this together. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️


Brad paisleys back ladies and gentleman