Black Pistol Fire - Black Pistol Fire

℗ 2015 Rifle Bird Records

Black Pistol Fire Tracklist:


Mojo Nixon and Skid Roper meets Jack White with a little Local H. Nasty, dirty ballsy.


There are not enough adjectives to describe how good this is. Pretty sure heart stopped a couple of times jammin to this. Honestly Kevin’s guitar play is Chuck Berry injected with Angus Young’s blood. Eric is a live version of Animal from the Muppets. Keep it up, I have hope for Rocks future.


I am buying up everything that you's put out, love your sound! In fact I'm adding this to my library in 5-4-3-2-1...!!!


Got to see Black Pistol Fire open for Gary Clark. Their stage presence adds a bunch to their songs, but their gusto still comes through on recorded music and especially on this collection of rockin’ tunes.