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Holograms, optical illusions, optoclones – do you know what that means? “Magic of light” exhibition will open a door to the world of new technologies for you; it will show you the history of holography evolution, and a lot of new and interesting installations and collectors’ holograms. It will be interesting to everyone! Kids will have a chance to see a magic world of light illusions. For one who likes to rattle nerves, we have the hall with ghosts, which can be like a test for your bravery. Stereograms and holograms with world known celebrities are waiting for you. Moreover you can unravel the evolution of holography art till present days.

The exhibition will take place in the very Moscow city’s center – right near Kuznetsky Most and Lubyanka – in an old manor of Saltykov-Chertkovs, 7 Myasnitskaya Street. The rich history of the manor and a fantastic world of light installations, holograms and opto-clones will run into one new story. The underground rooms will be firstly open for the public (a part of exhibits will be placed there) and the atmosphere of mystery will help to enlarge visitors’ impressions. In fact the underground rooms of this manor are connected with the secret passage to Kremlin, mystery murders, treasures and hiding places. This manor stands on the basis dated XVII-XVIII centuries. The first owner was a Tatarian tzarevitch who was a child of the Golden Horde khans. This Project is carried out by ITMO University with support of Hellenic Institute of Holography.


«Magic of Light» Exhibition will impress everyone thanks to the miracle of complicated physical aspects in simple form. However light itself is a unique phenomenon being the basis of life.”
Sergei Stafeev – the curator of the exhibition.


«Magic of Light» Exhibition will literally let the visitors move in space and time; see in their own eyes the evolution of scientific idea within the field of optic technologies and light based devices. The exhibition will let the visitors touch the artifacts and test new technologies.

After studying historical data visitors get into a world of optical illusions, optoclones and holograms- more than 200 items.


Faberge collection: 13 optoclones of the original Faberge Easter eggs from Faberge Museum of St. Petersburg, or full color ultra-realistic holograms are made by the last word in optical-light technologies. These technologies let create visual image which looks like real. You have a unique opportunity to see the whole collection of Faberge Easter eggs at a single location.

Faberge Easter egg “Lilies of the Valley” by HiH (Greece, 2015) – Tsar Nicholas II gave it as a gift to the Tsaritsa Alexandra Fyodorovna for Easter 1898; St. Petersburg, 1898, the House of Faberge, master — M. Perkhin, miniaturist — J. Zengraf. Gold, diamonds, rubies, pearls, ivory, glass; casting, stamping, engraving, enamel with guilloche, gold-plating, watercolor. Faberge Museum, St. Petersburg, Russia. OptoClone®: full-color reflection-type Denisyuk hologram made on panchromatic glass plate (under exclusive license Colour Holographic), is recorded in a museum.

Faberge Easter egg jewel-case «Renaissance» by HiH (Greece, 2015) – The egg was made for Alexander III of Russia, who presented it to his wife, the Empress Maria Feodorovna for Easter 1894. St. Petersburg, 1894, the House of Faberge. Master — M. Perkhin. Gold, diamonds, rubies, agate; casting, stamping, engraving, carving, polishing, notched enamel, guilloche enamel, colored enamel. Faberge Museum, St. Petersburg, Russia. OptoClone®: full-color reflection-type Denisyuk hologram made on panchromatic glass plate (under exclusive license Colour Holographic), is recorded in a museum.


This exposition is not for the faint-hearted. It makes you plunge into the world of mysteriousness and miracles.

“Zombies”, “3D Contract ” studio (Russia, 2012). This image was used on international expositions to demonstrate different effects particularly ability to mix photos and animation with stereo effects. “3D Contract” company produces large-format lenticular pictures for advertising and design more than 12 years.

“Lindow”, Richmond Holographic studios (UK , 1987). Rally rare hologram made in red color and from the original item, the first hologram ordered by British Museum and shown right near the archeological finding since October 1987. Artifact – the body of a man dead in the Iron Age and discovered in a peatery in Lindow, Cheshire, United Kingdom.


“Stereogram Michael Jackson”, JR Holographics (USA , 1990). Very rare, limited edition, large-format, iridescent skipping stereogram of pop music king, Michael Jackson (1958-2011). In 1989 JR Holographics company in Santa-Monika, California, obtained a licence for production of the holographic image of Michael Jackson as a series of embossed holograms and limited edition silver-halide holograms. Judith Roberts, the chair of JR Holographics company announced that they reached agreements on the possibility to put pictures of this limited series in galleries, science and art museums around the world.

«Marilyn Monroe with a candle», opgraphics (UK, 1992). Impressive iridescent hologram of a women, Marilyn Monroe’s counterpart, blowing out the candle in her hand. From the memoirs of Nick Hardy 20 years later: “There are several copies left. We sold limited quantity of holographic pictures and only for special buyers. The face on the picture is’n Marilyn Monroe But Kate Kent who looked the same. She fully emulated Marilyn’s life even to the suicide.


«Blue PUMA sneakers», RabbitHoles (Canada 2004). Clear and bright hologram depicts blue sneakers transforming into PUMA logo. It is impressive rendition of details despite an existence of visible defects. Digital reflection-type hologram made on black plexiglass, size 50×60 cm, landscape orientation, the upper lights.

«Abstract Painting» Taco Vizhns (India, 2012). This work was made for the animation school of Amravati city, and now it is used for training purposes, as well as taking part in various exhibitions. The exhibitor was involved in the preparation and printing of the exhibit.


«The Helmet of King Henry VIII», Spatial imaGing (UK, 1990). Monochromatic reflection-type hologram of the ceremonial King Henry VIII helmet. This hologram was created for the Royal Armouries of the Tower in London, for the exhibition and sale. Over the past 10 years it was made about 200 copies of the size of 25×20 cm. The master-hologram was recorded by Rob Mundey using a pulsed laser at the Royal College of Art.

Hologram «Songshan» by world famous master and Professor Dieter Jung. For the first time it was exhibited at the MIT Museum. Matrix transmitting hologram, of 60x50cm size. The best effect can be achieved when viewed from a distance.


The interactive zone LightGames («A game of light») will impress both children and adults with its variety. Simple but very interesting experiments will let the visitors test unique capabilities of light: run experiments with shadows and gas-plasma spheres with their own hands, draw with light and laser, watch into a giant kaleidoscope, dip into «the window of eternity» of light tunnel and try a lot of other light miracles.

Magical forest – is a 20 meters hallway of light. Entering it visitors find themselves in illusive depths of the forest. A minimalism of geometric forms using light strings dives visitors into the world of light sculptural space. This is beyond words; you have to see this with your own eyes.

Plasma lamps or Tesla spheres . The prototype of plasma sphere was invented by Nikola Tesla. A modern pattern of this device — a plasma sphere –created Bill Parker being an MIT graduate. A plasma sphere is basically a glass sphere with an electrode inside. The electrode is imposed by high voltage and the sphere fills itself with colored lightings.

Colorful shadows. This interactive installation consists of three light sources: red, blue and green (RGB color model). Is it hard to turn it into CMYK color model? It is easy! The installation is based on the principle of color subtraction: the three sources of the RGB model are pointed at a wall. If an object is placed between the sources and the wall, then in any combination only two colors are left, which become the colors of the CMYK model.

Drawing with light: a real painter needn’t paint special time or irradiation. He can create a masterpiece like a blink in darkness and this thing will become a piece of art – like “Dance” by Matisse or “The Bathers” by Picasso. Become artists abd draw with light, realizing your fantasy on a new plane …

«The Garden of Wonders» – art installation dedicated to «Alice in Wonderland» and Environmental Protection. Cheshire Cat reveals the secret of holograms and optical illusions. And also it tells you about the importance of environmental protection. In the 21st century environmental problem hangs over our planet seriously, it is clear that humanity needs to radically rethink our attitude to the nature into the next decade. Each of us can make a small change — to plant a tree, to hand over the batteries to a recycling, to use water and electricity economical, to refuse car ride and use a bike sometimes.

Freeze your shadow: here everyone can become a wizard and stop time. This effect is achieved by the use of microspheres at the film tape surface, that microspheres are covered with transparent polymer and function as mirror lenses reflecting light.


«Atonement», Laboratory of graphic holography in the Vavilov State Optical Institute, St. Petersburg (Russia, 1990). Art composition (painting and hologram) by authors Nikita Solovyov (painting, oil) and Mikhail Shevtsov (holography). Size 20×28 cm, framed.



Please pay attention: Booking closes 30 minutes before the closing of the exhibition up to 29.02.2016.


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Russia, Moscow, Myasnitskaya Street, Building 7

The exhibition place is not accidental. The House Saltykov-Chertkovs is very striking in its mystery, in amazing appearance and interior decorations harmony, in beauty and interweaving of history and modernity.

Initially, here was placed wooden houses. In the XVI century, there was a manor of Volynskiy. By the end of the XVII century ownership rights transferred to Kasimov princes, descendants of the khans of the Golden Horde, who passed into the service of the Grand Duke of Moscow. At the time of the last of the Horde heirs, Ivan Vasilyevich who was childless, stone chambers were already rebuilt here. For the first time viewers will have the opportunity to see part of the house, which was closed for many years, and a collection of unique holograms Faberezhe eggs will be a wonderful decoration. An interlacing of history, art and science creates an unforgettable aura of mystery and amazing, creating an unforgettable experience.


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